Rogowski Coils

What are Rogowski Coils

Rogowski Coils are electrical devices used for measuring alternating AC current. The Rogowski Coil is named after the German physicist Walter Rogowski. Output signals from a Rogowski CT is fed to transducers used for measuring which then give standardised AC current of max. 1 A at the output. They are flexible and measure current for power metering and analysis of power quality. They are ideal solutions when space is limited and when needing a rope-style current transformer to physically wrap around a irregular shaped conductor or wire.

They are used for current measurement of AC currents. Mostly for retrospective installation in existing systems but often on power rails or power cables. Rogowski coils separate making installation around the primary conductor is possible. The output signal coil and fed to a measurement transducer. The Rope CT has flexible sensor coils that wrap easily around the conductor carrying the current. A Rogowski can measure up to a couple thousand amperes of large currents without increasing transducer size.

Linearity of the Rogowski Coil

An important property of a Rogowski coil is that it is inherently linear. As the coil does not contain saturable components. Also the output increases linearly in proportion  to the current up to the operating limit determined by voltage breakdown. Rogowski coils are easy to calibrate due to linearity as transducers can be calibrated at any convenient current level. The calibration will be accurate for all currents including very large ones. Also, because of the Rogowski Coils linearity, the transducers have a broad dynamic range and great transient responses.


  • Flexibility – They have a flexible lightweight clip-around sensor coil that is easy to wrap around a current-carrying conductor. Making them easily inserted into components that are hard to reach in a circuit.
  • Affordable – The Rogowski coil is usually cheaper than a hall effect sensor or transformer.
  • Non-intrusive or lossless measurement — The Rogowski coil has a fast signal response and very linear signal voltage due to drawing very little current from the DUT by low insertion impedance.


  • AC Current Only – Rogowski Coils will not handle DC current. Only AC.
  • Sensitivity- Compared to a current transformer the Rogowski coil has a lower sensitivity from not having a high permeability magnetic core.


Alike an AC current transformer the Rogowski coil has a voltage induced into a secondary coil which is proportional to the current flow through an isolated conductor. Although, Rogowski coils can measure large currents without saturation due to its “air” core that is non-magnetic. The air core is designed to enable a faster signal response and a very linear signal voltage by having a lower insertion impedance. Compared to the hall effect sensor/current transformer the Rogowski coil is very cost effective. Making Rogowski coils the most ideal measuring tool for up to thousands of amperes of AC current.

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