RCT-150T-000 Rogowski Coil 

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RCT-150T-000 Rogowski Coil

Measures up to 5000 amps of AC current

The coil RCT-150T-000 Rogowski Coil is completely flexible and can be connected to a bus bar in a matter of seconds.  The RCT-150T-000 comes without an integrator, and has an output of 70 mV for every 1000A on the primary conductor when operating at 60 Hz (at 50 Hz it outputs 58.33 mV for every 1000A).  See our RCT-150T-xxx if you would like a small Rogowski coil with the integrator (to output 333 mV at the rated current).  The teardrop design allows for easier installation in tight spaces.  Electrical function is otherwise the same as the RCT-1800-000.


Frequent Applications:

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Power Meters
  • Power Quality Measurements
  • Distributed Measurement Systems

Compatible energy meters that work without an integrator include Measurlogic, eGauge and Veris.  Compatible meters take this input type:

Alternatively, you can buy small Rogowski coils with an integrator such as the RCT-150T-xxx or RCT-1200-xxx.  This will allow you to use any power meter that accepts a 333 mVac signal.