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Current Sensors, Voltage Transformers and More!

Welcome to Manutech Europe a trusted retailer of AC Current sensors and current transformers. We offer quality power monitoring products at competitive prices from leading manufacturers such as Magnelab. Here at Manutech Europe we offer a wide product range, featuring 12-48 inch Rogowski coil flexible-core Rope CT’s with multiple amperage ratings.

Shop Now and discover the product range at Manutech Europe, distributors of Current Sensors, Voltage Transformers and much more. Manutech Europe provide products and services useful for all audiences within energy monitoring, computers, aerospace and more. Discover the product range at Manutech Europe, distributors of Current Sensors Voltage Transformers, Power Meters, and much more.

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Our product portfolio features a wide range of electronic passive components and electronic modules including Inductors & Coils, Transformers, Filtered DSub Connectors, Feed through Capacitors & Pi Filters, Current/Voltage sensors, Split CT’s, RopeCTs, DC/DC & AC/DC converters and Power Supplies.

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