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Current Sensors for Sale

Discover our wide range of Current Sensor products from Rope Ct’s, Split Core Current Sensors, Solid Core Current Sensors, Three-Phase Current Sensors & More! View our Current Sensor range.

Current transducers, or current sensors, measure AC and DC current. Current Sensors detect an electric current in a circuit, then give signals equal to the current and these current signals then can be stored or displayed. The 2 types of sensors are In-Line sensors and Clamp Sensors.

Split Core Current Sensors

Discover our Split Core Current Sensor ranges:

SCT Series  – The SCT Split Core current Sensor range take an AC amperage input and output a 333 mVac signal.

ACT Series – The ACT Split Core current Sensor take an AC amperage input and output a corresponding 5A AC amperage signal.

DCT Series – The DCT Split Core current Sensor take an AC amperage input and output a corresponding DC voltage signal.

MCT Series – The MCT Split Core current transformer output a 4-20 mA output signal corresponding to the AC amperage input.

HCT Series – The HCT Split Core current transformer take either a DC amperage input or an AC amperage input. They output a corresponding Vdc or Vac signal, depending on the input.

split core current sensor

Rogowski Coils

See our range of Rogowski Coil (Rope Ct’s) products!

The Rogowski coil is named after Walter Rogowski, is a current sensor for measuring alternating current (AC) and current pulses. A Rogowski coil features a helical coil of wire with the lead from one end returning through the centre of the coil to the other end, making both terminals at the same end of the coil. For the current is to be measured the whole assembly is wrapped around the straight conductor. Rogowski Coils do not feature a metal (iron) core. The winding density is critical for ensuring immunity to external fields and low sensitivity to the positioning of the measured conductor.

The rate of change (derivative) of current in the straight conductor is proportional to the voltage that is induced and the output of the Rogowski coil is usually connected to an electrical (or electronic) integrator circuit to provide an output signals proportional to the current.

rogowski coil

DC Current Sensors

Looking for a quality DC Current Transducer or DC Current Sensor?

DC Current Sensors are used for proximity switching, positioning, speed detection and current sensing application. Making use of the Hall Effect principle the output voltage of DC Current Sensors varies as a response to a magnetic field that the sensor comes into contact with. DC sensors are also often used to time the speed that a shaft or wheel moves.

Voltage Transformers

Voltage Transducers and Voltage transformers from leading manufacturers

Voltage transformer is a device which converts energy of one form to another. Voltage transducers are used to monitor alternating AC or DC current by measuring voltage directly or through a voltage transformer. So if you are looking for a quality Voltage Transformer or Voltage Transducer for sale Shop Now at Manutech Europe!

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