RCT-1800-000 Current Sensor Rogowski Coil


250-5000 Aac input : 70 mVac output for every 1000A. 6″ diameter opening. Flexible

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RCT-1800-000 Current Sensor

Flexible Rope CT Current Sensor

The RCT 1800 000 Flexible Rope CT current sensor measuring AC current up to 15,000 amps.

It provides an output of 0.070 volts AC at 1000 amps through the primary when operating at 60Hz (at 50 Hz the output is 58.33 mV per 1000 A).

It has an 18″ length, 6″ diameter and is extremely flexible.

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RCT-1800-000 flexible RopeCT current sensor

A Magnelab Rope CT comes in varying sizes with optional custom lead connectors. Available sizes include the RCT-1200 with a 12″ length and a 4″ diameter, the RCT-2400 with a 24″ length and an 8″ diameter and the RCT-3600 with a 36″ length and a 12″ diameter. The flexible coil opens at the connector junction and may be installed on a bus bar or existing cable in a matter of seconds. The RCT-1800-000 and other Rope CT products may be sold with or without an integrator. See the RCT-1800-250 through RCT-1800-3000 to purchase this Rope CT with an integrator. Other size coils may be purchased with an integrator as well.

For areas with limited space, you may purchase a different shaped version of the RCT-1800, also known as a ‘tear drop’ because of its shape. It may also be purchased with or without an integrator. You may buy the coils individually, or as part of the RCS-1800 three-phase flexible AC current sensor system that integrates multiple coils with an output of 0.333 volt AC.


The linearity accuracy of the RCT-1800 is 0.5%. It is important to know your measuring needs so that you include the right integrator. The coil itself does not require an external power supply; however, the integrator requires between 12 and 30V AC or DC. This may be purchased from Magnelab as a separate option. If you intend to use your RCT-1800 with eGauge, Measurlogic or Veris power meters, you will not need an integrator since these meters have a built-in integrator designed to work with Magnelab coils. This device is most commonly used in power meters, energy sub meters, condition monitoring, power quality monitoring and distributed measurement systems. It is fully UL, CSA and RoHS compliant, as well as meeting CE and ISO standards. This product is made in the USA.


  • Rated input from 250 Amp to 15,000 Amp
  • Output of 0.070 Volt per 1,000 Amp
  • Linearity Accuracy 0.5%
  • Custom diameters, output, and other parameters are available
  • UL Recognized




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Rogowski Coil, Rope CT's


0.070 Volt per 1,000 Amp




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