SCT-0950-200 split-core sensor



SCT-0950-200 Split-Core Sensor

Magnelab’s new UL-Listed SCT-0950-200 split-core sensor measures AC current up to 240 Amps (120% of 200A). The SCT-0950-200 meets IEC 61869-2 Class 0.5 and is UL-Listed according to UL 2808. The SCT-0950-200 is compact, performs well and is easy to install around existing conductors.

Current Sensor Features

·Output 0.333 Volt AC at rated current
·Operates from 50 Hz to 400 Hz
·Phase displacement < 0.5° at full-scale
·Accuracy Class 0.5
·8 ft. 18 AWG white/black leads
·Rated input of 200 Amp
·Custom output and other parameters are available

SCT-0950-200 Split-Core Sensor




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SCT-0950-200 Split-Core Sensor




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