SCT-075H Split-Core Current Sensor


50-200 Aac input : 333 mVac output. 0.75″ opening. +/- 0.5{f5420117598d0d58a0320a09949d80ddd229fae4aaa29fc145975afd162f3ada} linearity, phase angle +/- 0.25{f5420117598d0d58a0320a09949d80ddd229fae4aaa29fc145975afd162f3ada}


SCT-075H Split-Core Current Sensor

Revenue Grade Accuracy, 0.333 Voltage Output 0.75″ Opening with Rating Up to 200 Amps

Magnelab’s SCT-075H Split-Core Current Sensor meets ANSI revenue grade class C57.13 accuracy class 0.6 with unprecedented linearity and superior phase angle up to 200 Amps passing through the center conductor. The SCT-075H transforms an AC input current up to 200A to an output of 0.333 Volts. Split-core transformer are ideal for installation on existing electrical wiring by snapping around the conductor. Maximum Voltage: 600V (on bare conductor). The following amperages are available: 50A, 100A, and 200A. The opening is 0.75″ wide.

Power Monitor Features

Linearity accuracy ± 0.5%
Phase angle ± 0.25%
Rated input up to 200 Amps
Accuracy at 10% to 120% of rated current
Operates from 30 Hz to 1,000 Hz
8 ft. twisted-pair lead
UL Listed, CE, and RoHS compliant
Maximum Voltage: 600V (on bare conductor)
Output 0.333 Volt AC at rated current

Current Sensors with Superior Phase Angle

The Magnelab SCT-075H series power monitor current sensors fully comply with ANSI revenue grade class C57.13 accuracy class 0.6. This gives them superior phase angle, as well as unrivaled linearity simply not found in any other class 2 transformer. A maximum of 200 amperes may pass through the center of the conductor, which should satisfy a wide range of applications. The SCT-075H transforms up to 200 Amp AC input current to 0.333 Volts of output current.

Easy Installation

These AC current sensors are particularly suitable for installation on electrical wiring already in place. This is because they may simply be snapped around the pre-installed conductor. On a bare conductor, this sensor can deal with up to 600 V. It is available in 50, 100 and 200 Amp capacities. The opening of the sensor is 0.75 inch in width. For those who need a similar product, but require a larger ampere rating, the SCT-1250 split core current transformer has a 1.25-inch opening and can handle up to 800 amperes.

Accurate Measurement

The SCT-075H come with a number of notable features. Its linearity accuracy is as good as it gets, with just 0.5% either way. The phase angle is even better, at just 0.25% either way. The rated input of this product, which may be used as a power monitor, is 200 Amps and the accuracy is guaranteed at 10 percent to 120 percent of rated current.

Additional Features

The device operates with a range between 30 Hz and 1,000 Hz and comes with a twisted pair lead measuring 8 feet in length. On a bare conductor, it deals with a maximum voltage of 600 V and it offers 0.333 Volt AC output at rated current. The device is fully UL recognized, and is compliant with the RoHS and CE standards. It has a 10 year warranty included.


SCT-075H Split-Core Current Sensor


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