Multifunction Power Meter (DIN rail)


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CPM-12D is a din rail mounting multifunction power meter with high accuracy measurement for single phase and three-phase system.

Measuring all basic parameters ; V, I, P, Q, kWh, kVarh etc..

  • 1 RS485 Modbus RTU communication port as default,
  • LCD display in front panel with buttons for programming.
  • Auto wiring change (see remark as below) via software
  • CE and FCC approved

Remark: Auto wiring change have certain condition limit, please refer to operation manual for further details.

Electrical Characteristics

Measurement: True RMS

Sampling: 128 point/Cycle

Metering system type:

1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W(1/2/3CT)、3P4W

(1/3CT);Balance / Unbalance


Datasheet  Download

Version: v1.1 / 2019.01.07


Input range:

Voltage: 40~400VLN;60~600VLL

PT Primary side ratio: 100~1200000V

PT Secondary side ratio: 50~500V

CT Primary side ratio: 1~9999A

CT Secondary side: 0~5A / 0~1A / 333mV

Frequency: 45~65Hz


Metering over range:

Voltage: 2x rated voltage continuous;2500V,1sec

Current: 2x rated current continuous;20x rated current 1sec


Input load: Voltage: <0.2VA;Current: <0.1VA


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