Multifunction Power Analyzer

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CPM-80 multifunction power analyzer is a competitive product for power monitoring with following key features:

– High Accuracy: 0.2S

– Ethernet communication (Modbus TCP/IP)

– Swell/ Sag

– Waveform Capture

– 3.5” TFT LCD Full color screen


It provides high accuracy single phase and three-phase energy measuring and displaying, energy accumulating, power quality analysis, data logging and data communication.

CPM-80 series multifunction power analyzer are able to measure bi-directional, four quadrants kWh and kVarh.

It provides maximum/minimum records for power usage and power demand parameters.

Hardware standard built in 1 RS485 Modbus communication port , 4 Digital inputs, 2 Relay outputs, LCM and 2MB flash for data-logging.

In addition , also provide TOU , voltage and current THD, harmonics up to the 63rd and auto wiring change via software.

● Energy management system

● Factory automation

● Intelligent power panel

● Industrial automation

● Power Grid automation

● Community power monitoring

● Intelligent green building



Version 1.1 / 2018.08.01


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