Multi-Circuit Power Meter (DIN rail) (ADPower Series)

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■ Description


ADP-PM-A is the Multi-circuit Power Meter module in ADPower series.

(Individually use is also possible)


The ADP-PM-A was designed for multi-circuit power measurement,

up to 12 single phase or 4 three-phase circuit power inputs. Applicable to

different types of power circuit makes ADP-PM-A a valuable option.

Hardware built in 1 RS485 (Modbus) communication port,

demand function, data logging and 2MB Flash memory.

At the same time, din rail mounting provides easy installation and larger



■ Application

● Rental Building / House Apartment

● School Dormitory / Exhibition Booth

● Market places

● Food Court / Movable House

● Distributed Electricity Measurement

Electrical Characteristics


Measurement: True RMS

Sampling: 128 point/Cycle

Update time: 0.5 second

Metering system type: 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W


Input Range:


PT Primary side ratio: 100V~9999KV

PT Secondary side ratio: 50~600V

Direct Input: ≦ 600V(L-L) or ≦ 400V(L-N)



Main circuit input: 333mV

CT Primary side ratio: 5~9999A


Frequency: 45~65Hz

Metering over range:

Voltage:1.2X rated voltage continuous(600V max)

Current:1.2X rated current of CT


Power Supply

Range: DC 10~60V

Power consumption: DC 5W


Mechanical Characteristics:

Dimensions: 129.6mm(L)x47.2mm(W)x135mm(H)

Material: ABS, Blue (with fire-retardant)

Mounting: 35mm DIN Rail (EN50022)

IP Enclosure: IP20


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