Multi-Circuit Power Meter (DIN rail)


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● Metering parameters of Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power factor, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Energy (Watt-Hr), et al in 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W unbalanced system

● 2-line display both with 6 digits, able to view the name and value of the parameter at the same time

● Modular Expansion Design, able to correspond to different parameters individually

●Relay output with Start Delay, Hysteresis, Energized, and de-energized delay functions

● With RS485 serial as standard for remote controlling relay output

● Standard DIN-Rail mounting

● CE Approved

● Embedded 1MB flash memory for Data-Logging



Version: V1.1, update: 2017-10-18



AEM-DR is ADTEK featured product in modular design with WiFi & NB-IoT communications.

Provide high accuracy measurement, display and remote communication of single phase & three phase parameters (V, A, P, Q, S, PF, Hz, Kwh). Multicircuit design and relay output modular expansion design decrease the overall cost and make the functionality more flexible. All monitored data is available via a RS485 serial , for the needs in energy management, alarming, and remote controlling. Embedded flash memory for Data-Logging can avoid any data missing once the communication is interrupted. Moreover, its ultra compact size DIN-rail mounting makes itself mountable in virtually any panel, enclosure or indoor Cabinet.

Additional information

Multi-Circuit Power Meter (DIN rail) Standard with RS485 Modbus RTU V/A: 0.2 Class, W/Wh: 0.5 Class, 1MB Flash ROM

1P2W: 5 Single Loops, 1P3W: 2 Single Loops, 3P3W: 2 Loops, 3P4W: 1 Loop


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