HT-200M DC Current Sensor


One of Magnelab’s highest accuracy DC current sensors – measures AC current from microamperes to 20,000 amperes.


HT-200M DC Current Sensor

When looking for a highly accurate, as well as a fast response signal that is proportional to the primary DC current that is measured, a Hall Effect current transducer like the HT-200M DC Current Sensor is an excellent option.


  • High accuracy
  • 7.0 kV proof stress
  • Fast response

HT-200M DC Current Sensor

This is one of Magnelab’s highest accuracy DC current sensors.

Essentially, it is a Hall Effect device with a closed loop that can be fully panel mounted. The primary conductor threads through the center hole. It is rated 200 A at continuous operation and designed and manufactured to offer exceptionally high bandwidth, high accuracy as well as electrical isolation. UL recognized under file No. E198118, for safety. With the HT-200M Hall effect current transducer, the limit of its linearity is around 700 A of peak value. Its linearity accuracy is 0.1 of nominal primary current, which is truly outstanding. Powered by +/- 12 V to +/- 15 V DC. It has a delay time of < 0.5 microseconds. The operating temperature range is between -10 to +85 degrees Celsius. Its zero offset/temperature is less than 3 microamperes per degree Celsius. The proof stress voltage is 7.0 KV AC RMS for one minute, from bore to the output terminals. If you need to measure AC current with high accuracy, then you may need to opt for the HFCT AC current transformer with broad frequency response. The HFCT series can measure AC current from microamperes to 20,000 amperes.


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