Potential Voltage Transformers SPT-0375


115-460 Vac input : 333 mVac ouput

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Magnelab SPT-0375 Transformer

When you are asked what is a potential transformer, simply show them the SPT-0375 voltage transformer. It offers output AC voltage that is linearly proportional to the AC voltage input. The output voltage involved in the device is ANSI standard, which is 0.333 volt and its input voltage ranges from 115 to 460 volts. As a result, the SPT-0375 is the perfect device for electronic measuring instrumentation like data logging and more.

You can actually have this particular device customised to your personal request by indicating the outputs you require, or any other specific parameters. A related product is the DVT-1000-420 DC voltage transducer. It is generally paired with a Voltage sensor that accepts inputs of 10 to 1000 volts DC or 1 to 100 volts DC. It provides an output of 4-20 mA, 0 to 1 volt DC or 0 to 5 volts DC.

Back to the SPT-0375 at rated voltage, its linearity accuracy plus or minus 1 percent at 10% to 130% of rated voltage. The phase angle of the device is less than one degree and it can withstand voltage, both primary and secondary, of up to 2,500 Vrms. As standard, it comes with 8 feet input leads that are 14 AWG, as well as 8 feet output leads that are 22 AWG. For easy installation, the device comes with two mounting holds, which use #8/32 blind inserts. It also has a 7 year warranty and is compliant with CE and RoHS, as well as being made in the USA.

SPT-0375 Transformer Features

  • Rated input from 115 volts to 460 Volts w/ Phase angle < 1 degree
  • 0.333 Volt AC output at rated voltage
  • Input leads 14 AWG 8 ft. long
  • Output leads 22 AWG 8 ft. long
  • Linearity accuracy ± 1% at 10% to 130% of rated voltage
  • Withstand voltage of 2,500 Vrms primary to secondary
  • UL recognized, CE, RoHS Compliant
  • Two mounting holes using #8/32 blind inserts

Additional information

Weight0.544310844 kg
Amp Rating

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Product Type

Voltage Transformer

Input Voltage

Output Voltage

0.333 Volt AC

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