SenNet Case

£2,400.00 Inc VAT


Portable Electrical Meter

The SenNet case is a portable device which do not require installation, it permits to analyse power consumption from 1 up to 6 three-phase or 18 single-phase electrical circuits at the same time.

It can capture the following parameters:

  • Active, reactive and apparent total and per phase Power
  • Active, reactive and apparent total and per phase Energy
  • Voltage of each phase
  • Current of each phase
  • Power factor of each phase


It can analyse:

  • Voltage and current harmonics from every single phase
  • Harmonics up to 16º of current and voltage from every single phase
  • Detection of overvoltage
  • Detection of low voltage
  • High accuracy in frequency captured value



  • Ready to use
  • Completely portable due to its weight, size and shape
  • Designed as a little suitcase with bags to carry the components required