SCT-0400 Split Core AC Current Sensor


1-75 Aac input : 333 mVac output. 0.4″ opening


SCT-0400 Split Core AC Current Sensor

Magnelab’s SCT-0400 split-core current sensor transforms an AC input current from 1 to 75 Amps to a 0.333 Volt output. Split-core transformers are ideal for installation on existing electrical wiring by snapping around the conductor. The opening is 0.40″ in diameter.

SCT-0400 split-core current sensor

Frequent Applications

  • Data logging
  • Recording
  • Power monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Cost allocation


  • Current Sensor rated input from 1 Amp to 75 Amp w/ Output 0.333 Volt AC
  • Operates from 50 Hz to 400 Hz
  • 8 ft. twisted-pair leads
  • UL Recognized Current Sensor w/ Linearity accuracy ± 1%
  • Accuracy at 10% to 130% of rated current
  • Self-locking mechanism guaranteed for 500 closings
  • Custom output and other parameters are available


The Magnelab SCT-0400, a current sensing product designed to transform AC input currents that range between 1 to 75 amps into a 0.333 Volt output.

First, it is a class 2 transformer and it is perfect for installation on electrical wiring that is already in place. Second, it simply needs to be snapped around the conductor that has already been installed. These AC current sensors have a 0.40 inch diameter opening. It is often used in recording, data logging, energy management, power monitoring and cost allocation to name but a few. The SCT-0400 split core current sensor is UL recognized and it has a linear accuracy of 1% either way. Additionally, the accuracy is between 10% and 130% of the rated current onto which it is applied.

The SCT-0400 has a self locking mechanism. This is guaranteed to work for 500 cycles of opening and closing, more than could ever be needed. It also comes with a full 10 year warranty. It is CE certified, meets the ISO 9100 quality requirements, and complies with the RoHS and RU standards. Furthermore, it is 100% made in the USA, which guarantees the authenticity of all its individual components.

Input Range:

This current sensing transformer features a rated sensor current input ranging from 1 Amp to 75 Amp and its output is 0.333 volt AC. Meanwhile, a similar product is the SCT-075R split core current transformer, which also has an output voltage 0.333 volts but has a larger opening and therefore can accommodate a larger current input of up to 250 Amps. The SCT-075R operates between 30 Hz and 1,000 Hz as opposed to the SCT-0400, which has an operating frequency range of 50 to 400 Hz.

Additional information

Weight 0.0997903214 kg
Amp Rating

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0.333 Volt

Product Type

Current Sensor


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