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Product Description

The RCS-900T is a three-phase RopeCT by Magnelab that transforms an AC input current up to 5000 Amps to a 0.333 Volt output.

The RCS-900T is a three-phase RopeCT kit that comes with 3 RopeCTs (Rogowski Coils) and one integrator (signal conditioner) that converts the RopeCT voltage to 0.333 volt AC output. The integrator requires a DC power supply that operates between 9 and 36 Vdc.  The RCS-900T has a 9″ opening and is made of very flexible material, allowing it to easily fit around conductors.  If a true circle is not needed, such as in the case of a bus bar, the 9″ opening can be stretched to become much larger (1 ft or more).

The teardrop design of the RCS-900T allows for superior centering of the Rogowski coils (all Rogowski coils encounter small error if they are not perfectly centered). It is designed to allow a zip tie to be secured around the Rogowski coil, perfectly centering the primary conductor.

The RCS-900T, like other Rogowski coils, allows for very wide ranges of input currents.  The product is designed to operate from 10{f5420117598d0d58a0320a09949d80ddd229fae4aaa29fc145975afd162f3ada} to 130{f5420117598d0d58a0320a09949d80ddd229fae4aaa29fc145975afd162f3ada} of the rated current with 1{f5420117598d0d58a0320a09949d80ddd229fae4aaa29fc145975afd162f3ada} accuracy.  For example, the RCS-900T-250, which is the 250A version, will be 1{f5420117598d0d58a0320a09949d80ddd229fae4aaa29fc145975afd162f3ada} accurate from 25A to 325A.

The RCS-900T has these advantages in comparison to a traditional CT:

  • Greater linearity
  • High amperage measurement capability
  • Extremely flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Large circumferences available
  • No shorting block required

Compatible power meters accept a voltage input.  Look for meters on our website that start with this symbol:

If you are purchasing a Measurlogic, Veris or eGauge meter you do not need to purchase the RCS integrator (at least if ordered properly).  Instead, you can use QTY 3 of the passive RCT-900T-000 (that comes without the integrator) and save money.  If you are not using one of these 3 manufacturers, you will most likely need an integrator to compensate for the phase shift and low voltage output of the RCT-900T-000.

Note: The integrator requires a power supply of 9 to 36 Vdc, which is not included.