RCS-3600 Three-Phase RopeCT AC Current Sensor

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Magnelab Three-Phase RopeCT AC Current Sensor

The RCS-3600 Series integrator (signal conditioner) converts the RopeCT (Rogowski Coil) input voltage to 0.333 volt AC output. The integrator requires a DC power supply which operates from 9 to 36 Vdc.

The integrator is available with screw terminals (pictured) or with flexible strain relief cables attached to the integrator. The RCS-3600 is a 36″ rope that comes with multiple amp rating options.

Note: The integrator requires a power supply of 9 to 36 Vdc, which is not included.

Magnelab’s RCS-3600 is a three-phase flexible transformer kit that transforms an AC input current up to 5000 Amps to a 333mV output. The RCS-3600 kit that comes with three 36″ flexible rope coils and one integrator (signal conditioner) that converts the RopeCT voltage to 333mV AC output. The integrator requires a DC power supply that operates between 9 and 36 Vdc. The RCS-3600 allows for very wide ranges of input currents. The product operates from 10% to 130% of the rated current with 1% accuracy. For example, the RCS-3600-500, which is the 500A version, will be 1% accurate from 50A to 650A. Each of the three-phase RopeCTs is 36″ long (12″ diameter).