Power TakeOff Ethernet Kit + Monthly Service

From: £340.69
£340.69 Inc VAT


Looking to save money for your business? Purchasing the Power TakeOff Ethernet Kit + Monthly Service is the first step toward comprehensive industrial power monitoring and saving. Power TakeOff’s service allows you to:

  • Identify peak demand (kW) days and times in 1 minute intervals.
  • Receive real-time alerts via email, text message, or phone call notifying you of high or unusual demand (kW) usage or other user defined alert options.
  • Manage and control usage and costs in real-time by optimizing equipment performance.
  • Obtain weather, building utilization, production & occupancy normalization data to identify energy efficiency opportunities.
  • Monitor and verify savings from operational or energy efficiency improvements using your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Benchmark facility performance using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and get your facility’s ENERGY STAR rating.
  • Participate in demand response programs.
  • Earn LEED credits for continuous interval level building monitoring.
  • Track sustainability and budgeting goals with improved accuracy.
  • Build employee awareness to promote responsible energy usage.

With this purchase you receive the following:

  • Power TakeOff Service*
  • Power TakeOff Meter
  • 14″x10″x6″ NEMA Type 3 enclosure (weather resistant)
  • Equipment and Software Setup Support & Training
  • Custom configuration based on your CT needs
  • Ongoing software support and free access to new software features

    *The first month is billed with this purchase. Subsequent service is auto-billed monthly thereafter (no contract).