MPPT75HV Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Battery Charge Controller

  • EUR: €260.17
£225.00 Inc VAT


The Intronics Power Inc. MPPT75HV Solar Charge Controller continually tracks the
maximum power point of the solar panel array, adjusting the circuit parameters
approximately two times per second to maximize energy transfer from the array to the
battery bank.
• Automatic tracking of solar panel maximum
power point
• One, two or three stage charging (selectable)
• High energy conversion efficiency
• Tracking of MPPT to within 2
• Temperature compensated
• LCD display and LED status indicators
• User selectable set points
• 12/24/36/48 Volt system capability
• 75 amp output rating
• Maximum panel input voltage 80 VDC
• Maximum battery voltage 65 VDC
• 25 amp auxiliary load rated output
• Output current automatically limited to 78
• Self Consumption <1 Watt
• All common grounds
• MCU controlled ventilation fan
• All stainless steel hardware