DVT-1000 DC Voltage Transducer

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DVT-1000 DC Voltage Transducer

DIN Rail-Mounted Isolated DC Voltage Transducer

The DVT-1000 DC Voltage Transducer is designed to convert a 10-1000 DC Voltage input to either a 4-20mA output or a voltage standard output that is proportional to the input. It is also perfect for solar-string voltage monitoring. The DC Voltage Transducer provides effective and safe isolation between the input and output.

DVT-1000 DC Voltage Transducer Features:

  • Primary voltage DVT-100: 1000-10,000 Vdc
  • Output 4-20mA, 0-1Vdc, 0-5Vdc
  • Accuracy: 1% over range
  • Linearity: 0.5% over range
  • Response time: 10.0 mSec
  • Working Range: 0-120%
  • Overload: 150% continuous
  • Temperature: -30 degrees C to 70 degrees C operating
  • Humidity: 90% operating
  • Isolution: 4.5KV, 1 Minute
  • Supply voltage: 15-48 Vdc