Manutech Europe Ltd portfolio of products represents an unmatched collection of toroidal transformers, inductors, coils, capacitor arrays, Rogowski coils, filtered connectors, feedthrough capacitors, pi filters, current sensors, voltage sensors, split CT’s, rope CT’s, flexible CT’s, energy monitoring devices, DC/DC convertors, AC/DC convertors, power supplies, cable harnesses and low-cost sub-contract electronic assembly.

The company can boast a full complement of approvals to support it’s product ranges from UL, ITAR, CE, ORI and RoHS.

You can order and buy from our UK location all our group products including AC current transformers & sensors, Split-Core current transducer, high precision Split-Core current transformers & transducers which can measure AC current from one to 5,000 Amps; flexible-core Rope CT (Rogowski coil) available from 12 inches to 48 inches at various amperage ratings. Also all type of capacitors, resistors, transformers and custom magnetic devices, custom power supplies, solar charge controllers, DC/DC convertors form 1Watts- 150 Watts, AC/DC convertors form 5 Watts - 350 Watts, UltraCapacitor modules, etc.

We have available now the wireless CT system and a large range of power metres.

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