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ICT-2000 Magnelab Split-Core Output Transformer ACT-0024 Magnelab Split-Core AC Current Output Transformer Magnelab Split-Core AC Transformer ACT-0036
400 to 1,600A input : 5A output, 2.0" Opening 100 to 300 Aac Input : 5 Aac output. 24mm Opening
200-400 Aac Input: 5 Aac output. 36mm opening
ACT-0073 1000 Amp Current Sensor with 5 Amp Output ACT-0140 1500 2400A Current Sensor Magnelab Current to Current Output Transformer
1000 Aac input : 5 Amp output. 73MM by 62 mm opening
The ACT-0140 converts 1500-2400 Amp Current to a 5 Amp Output
30-300 Aac input : 5 Aac output. 1" opening
Magnelab CCT-1200 AC Current Output Transformer Dent 5A Rope Kit w/High Voltage Power Transformer Dent 5A Rope Kit w Low Voltage Power Transformer
1.65" Opening, 1 to 400A Input, 5A Output
5A Output Rope Kit - RoCoil TCA-5 5A Output Rope Kit - RoCoil TCA-5