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Mitsubishi Electric ME96SS Stand-Alone Power Meter DVT-1000 DIN Rail-Mounted Isolated DC Voltage Transducer
70-800 Aac input : 333 mVac output. 1.25" opening ME96SS Stand-Alone Power Meter 10-1000 Vdc input : 1V, 5V or 4-20mA output, DIN-rail mount
Wireless SCT-200W Magnelab Split-Core Sensor Measurlogic DTS-310 Energy Sub-meter eGauge 2-pin Tyco connector
Measurlogic DTS-310 Energy Sub-meter
Our Price: £272.41 Exc VAT
eGauge 2-pin Tyco connector
Our Price: £2.00 Exc VAT
100-1500 Aac input : 333 mVac output. 2.0" opening Measurlogic DTS-310 Power Monitoring Meter This accessory will add the eGauge 2-pin Tyco connector to the end of the terminals.  You will need this if you are purchasing an eGauge power meter (and probably don't need it otherwise).
Magnelab Split-Core Transducer DCT-0024-250
250 Aac input : 5 Vdc output, 24mm Opening